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Exploding Kittens Game




Kittens are super cute, but kittens are also explosive in this Exploding Kittens Game. Backed by Kickstarter, Exploding Kittens is a strategic card game which has only one simple aim – avoid getting blown up by those exploding kittens at all costs. Start the game by putting the cards face down and players take turns drawing cards, until someone draws an exploding kitten card. So, if you like kittens, laser beams and goats, then this deck of cards is sure to keep you occupied for a long time.

  • Ideal for ages 7 and up
  • From the creators of Oatmeal
  • Just takes 2 minutes to learn and 15 minutes to play
  • For 2-5 players

What’s Inside

  • Game Pieces

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